YowCH WFH, boys HBL, Korean hotpot, YowCH walks

YowCH worked from home for a few days on the last week of June due home-based learning for Samuel and Joseph due to the Covid situation. Here are photos of Sam and Jo doing HBL:

YowCH made simple lunch for the boys (David was also home on Monday, 28 June):

YowCH then sent Joseph to buy a stove from the electrical shop in Bukit Merah Central (Trend Enterprises):

With the stove, we had Korean army stew hotpot (budae jigae) for dinner:

Lunch on 29 June (chicken rice):

Snacks in the afternoon:

Dinner on 29 June:

YowCH has been very consistent in his walks, doing 2.5km walks every Tuesday and Saturday.

Can see improvements in the walking time:

For working from home, this is the set-up in the bedroom, with KTP’s laptop, Chye Joo’s laptop + monitor, and the tablet:

During the Covid restrictive period, YowCH sometimes ate out, in the kopitiam or even in the car:

Weekend food updates

Lunch on Saturday, 26 June (grilled pork ribs and steamed tusk fish):

Seafood dinner with the Yongs (fish head curry, scallops, cod and cockles):

Grace and YowCH having breakfast while Samuel having Chinese tuition.

YowCH’s right leg recovered, and muscle tone is good.

Instant noodles with ABC soup for lunch on Sunday:

Meals, YowCH’s work

Dinner on 21 June (torched squid):

More of Samuel’s online story time.

Dinner on 22 June (pasta):

Keropok lekur (fish sausage) bought from Sheng Siong, fried in air fryer:

YowCH visited Tampines site for handing over the land on 23 June 2021.

Dinner on 23 June (soup wanton given by swim coach):

YowCH bought electro treatment from China through Lazada, worked well to heal his tennis elbow. Grace uses it for bunions on her feet.

Dinner on 24 June (torched and air-fried salmon):

A view from YowCH’s office balcony, Jurong West area.

Some of YowCH’s tapao food at Chye Joo:

Dinner on 25 June:

Weekend updates

Samuel did his Chinese tuition homework with Joseph helping:

Esther’s team lead worship on recorded video, Esther on the ukulele, Rihika played the drums on our drum set:

Lunch on 19 June, Esther torching cod bones (from swim coach):

Dinner on 19 June (fish head curry, the fish head from swim coach):

Sunday lunch: frog leg porridge, torched cod, salted egg prawns:

Esther went for the driving class, including simulator training (for accident situations and such) and road drive:

Sunday dinner, 20 June (waxed meat rice):

David and Joseph vaccination, Samuel story online, YowCH tapao

David received his first Covid vaccination dose on 8 June and Joseph got his on 14 June.

It is also duan wu jie on 14 June, we had zhong.

Dinner on 14 June:

The first time a major error by Lazada, ordered some sports shorts but 10 hair brushes came instead. YowCH returned them:

Samuel had online story-time organised by the National Library. This will be over a few weeks on Wednesdays, part of school holiday activities.

Dinner on 15 June (zhong from Grace’s mom):

Some of YowCH’s tapao food at Chye Joo:

Dinner on 16 June (mussels):

Very good fuel efficiency on the Ody, at 12km/L over 400km, Covid period has some good points, too.

Dinner on 18 June (breaded chicken wings):

Samuel made a hook:

YowCH recorded a video to teach memory verse online to the church Juniors

Weekend updates, Sam’s church camp, crabs

YowCH doing his gym exercises at home, while he also does his brisk walks and swims:

Samuel attended the online KFC camp (YowCH was conducting it, too in)

Lunch on 12 June (torched Wagyu beef cubes):

YowCH cleaned the kitchen wall and mounted the Ikea stainless steel wall-shields savlvaged from the Yong’s Bishan flat.

Dinner on 12 June (fried instant noodles)

YowCH bought some live oysters from Sheng Siong (while the children were swimming):

We had a simple lunch:

Also bought some live crabs, Samuel and Joseph had fun killing the crabs!

YowCH’s chilli crab:

Nice to be eaten with mantou:

Dinner on 13 June (crabs):

Also made one slice of siew yuk in the air fryer:

Food, vacuum cleaner, Ody fuel efficiency

Dinner on 7 June (glass-pot chicken rice):

Lunch of Ronnie’s chicken rice on 8 June:

Grace ordered the imitation ‘Dyson’ vacuum cleaner, arrived on 8 June, works well enough at 20% the price.

Dinner on 9 June:

Dinner on 10 June:

YowCH took a photo of Esther for her driving license and other official use.

The Odyssey managed to clock very good efficiency given the empty roads during this Covid season, achieving 14.6km/L fuel over 36km distance!

Dinner on 11 June (zhong from Grace’s mom):

Esther’s 19th birthday!

This is the cheesecake baked by Grace using the air fryer:

We celebrated Esther’s 19 birthday as a family on Sunday, 6 June:

The siblings:

With parents:

The family:

The cake looks good after being cut (5 pieces because YowCH doesn’t eat the creamy cake).

We bought Esther a set of good headphones for her recording use:

Dinners, Church Camp (on-line), weekend stuff

Some dinners we cooked, 1 June:

2 June:

3 June (mantou pork belly):

On 4 June, YowCH replaced the kitchen tap with the much better one salvaged from the Yong’s Bishan flat:

Dinner on 4 June:

The first session of our Church Camp (online Camp, called Camp-ference) was after Friday dinner. Esther is under adult now, so she joined us.

The speaker is Bishop Solomon.

Saturday, Joseph had online tuition:

Grace, YowCH and Esther had Church Camp sessions.

YowCH hosted the BCG small group discussion.

We had lunch at home, lots of seafood:

Grace made a cheesecake for Esther’s birthday (on 6 June).

Our Saturday night dinner:

On Sunday, YowCH cooked laksa instant noodles with lots of garnishing for breakfast with Grace.

Church Camp-ference continues.


As the Church Camp ended in the morning, we celebrated Esther’s birthday after lunch, refer to the next post. YowCH made some Portuguese egg-tarts, and…

… siew yuk, using the air fryer.

We had pan-fried steak and backed seabass for dinner:

Weekend – YowCH walk & egg tarts, Esther worship & Youtube, Grace lava cake, Yongs’ move

29 May, YowCH’s second brisk walk of 2.5km, covered in 21m15s, much faster than last Tuesday night.

Completed the walk just as the rain started.

Saturday lunch:

Esther was in the worship team (recorded) for Youth service.

Grace made lava cake using the air fryer:

Resulting cake was good, but seems overcooked, no flowing lava.

YowCH recorded teaching memory verse for church juniors, presented on 29 May.

For dinner, we had wanton mee. This time, we had pork and prawn wantons.

Pork wantons were fried in the air fryer, and the prawn wantons were cooked in soup.

Sunday breakfast.

Samuel attending his Chinese tuition online.

Lunch with fresh oysters and scallops (from Sheng Siong).

YowCH did the shucking, a very new experience.

YowCH made egg tarts (with flaky skin) using the air fryer.

Cooked gong bao frog legs for dinner, very nice. Frog legs from Sheng Siong.

On Monday, we took leave to help the Yongs move home from the Bishan HDB flat to The Scala (at Ang Mo Kio).

While helping with the move, we saw Esther’s music video cover of the song “At My Worst” premier on Youtube. Then we ordered Fat boys burgers and picked them up from the Thomson outlet for dinner at home. YowCH tried the ‘impossible’ burger, which is vegetarian but tasted just like meat, quite good, but not worth the high price.